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'The smart way to plan your financial wealth online'

As a financial technology startup we are currently working on novel financial analysis and prediction. As experienced computer scientists and IT experts, we combine and create advanced algorithms applied on financial (market) data and news, expert knowledge and sentiment in social media. With our tools and information we help clients to make more profitable financial decisions.

At the same time, we focus on our customer development process. We are looking for potential users i.e. professionals in finance, directors with investments or wealthy individuals who are interested in our minimal product (prototype) that we are building. We hope to get investor/user feedback on desirability-oriented questions to learn and to refine our product in this early stage of development.

Please contact us to make an appointment and to understand what benefit you can receive from us. 

email address: contact at 4TURA.com


4TURA = fortune + futura (Latin for future)
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